adopt a divvy

How you can help...

Adopting a DIVVY system is easy and can help to support an entire community!  For just pennies-per-gallon, the DIVVY® Emergency Water System turns any freshwater source into a safe, potable water supply in a matter of minutes

What is included in the DIVVY system?

The complete DIVVY has three suitcases, the Fill Case, the POD Case and the
Tank also comes with a "consumables" kit which contains the chemicals that treats the unclean water.

How much does a DIVVY cost?

One complete DIVVY unit costs $9,300.

What if we can't donate that much?

There are other ways for you to help.  Your donation can help to defray the cost of a DIVVY chem pack, purchase a new filter or other consumables.

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Adopt a DIVVY

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will help to fund our mission.

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