On the Ground...

Mission: VALOR Program

In partnering with FEMA, dedicated teams of Veterans 4 volunteers have been rebuilding homes across Puerto Rico.  Replacing roofs, doors and windows is like replacing hope, security and comfort to so many families!

Mission: Cidra

Cidra, a town in central Puerto Rico was an important stop during the Mission…it is the family home of Veterans 4 Team member, Angel Fernandez. The team was able to set up the DIVVY system using an unconventional water source, a swimming pool! The community loved it! A large crowd gathered to get their supply of fresh water   Check out the attached video to see the Aquamira DIVVY in action!   

Mission: Salinas

Salinas along the southern coast of Puerto Rico has not had potable water since Hurricane Maria hit, the town officials requested an emergency deployment of a DIVVY system to a small river outside of town.  Once the word spread that Veterans 4 was on site and ready for "business" the steady stream of people from all around Salinas was amazing a heartbreaking...this is a very real and very NOW humanitarian crisis!  As of this writing, 41 days without potable water! 

Mission: Utuado

We had heard about the complete devastation that was the mountain town of Utuado...it was that bad and so much more.  We set up the DIVVY system at the side of the road. People had gathered at a PVC pipe where water was flowing from the rocks to shower and wash clothes.  A quick fill of the bladder and "chem" check and we had clean, pure water in no time at all!  The video documents the pure resiliency of the people of Utuado! 

Mission: Pinones

This Mission was unique...Pinones a community outside of San Juan that has been without electricity and clean water since Irma, September 11th!  Keeping spirits high...a FUN DAY was planned... live music, traditional BOMBA dancing, face painting...and of course the highlight was the installation of the town's own DIVVY system.  This is the first of many "stationary" systems with a specially vetted, appointed and trained "DIVVY Ambassador"...a person who will monitor and maintain the system. 

Mission: Guayanilla

Traveling to Guayanilla was another milestone mission...bringing clean water to a yet to be reached community and connecting with family for team member, Ray Guasp.  Road and bridge conditions made travel tough...but that didn't stop the turnout of people in need of water.  Ray's uncle, Rigo, 83 years young and a Borinqueneer Korean War Vet was on hand to pump water and help with the distribution. 

mission: San juan

A request was made to deploy a DIVVY unit to Old San Juan.  There is an art school at the crest of town, on Calle San Sebastian, that needed clean water.  The challenge was that the only available water source was 28 FEET...BELOW GROUND! Retrieving water on a decline had not  been attempted with a DIVVY system...the unit was set-up and we got pumping. It worked like a charm!!!  COMPLETE SUCCESS! The nearby community of La Perla was also able to share in the crystal clean water. What a great day!

Mission: Las marias

With every stop we made around the island...the handshakes, the hugs, the raw emotion flowed...just like the clean water that we were there to provide.  In Las Marias these gentlemen stopped time with their voices... 

Mission: Comerio

All around the island we found communities helping communities... watching out for one another.  The residents of Cidra guided us to this small town near this river called Comerio...knowing that the water was contaminated and unhealthy.  The DIVVY system deployment in Comerio couldn't have gone any smoother. 

Mission: Crossfit Paramus

Guerrilla Fitness along with Maury and Janie Abreu hosted a Wod for 💦 Water at CrossFit Paramus. What a morning it was with incredible athletes leaving it all on the mat for a special cause . It was an honor to spend time with them.Thank you all for making that happen.