On Friday, September 14th, Hurricane Florence, a Category 1 hurricane, struck the Carolina coastlines with torrential rain and devastating winds. The need for aid became increasingly evident as the storm progressed. Florence has caused catastrophic damage and perilous conditions along the east coast. 

Help by making a donation to Veterans 4 Disaster Response. 

100% of all donations will go toward relief and recovery.

A Veterans 4 Advance Disaster Response Team was in New Bern, North Carolina within 24 hours of Hurricane Florence hitting the ground. They brought a water filtration system to provide emergency services.  We are working alongside FEMA and NGO partners on the ground to provide immediate assistance. 

The mission is steadfast, provide clean water to those in need post disaster.

Our filtration systems will clean the contaminated drinking water affected by the storm flooding, dead farm animals and other pollutants. we anticipate additional missions that include distribution of food, basic needs and relief supplies.

The initial staging area will be in Rocky Mount, NC and we will move on from there.

 In order to accomplish our mission for the scope of this disaster we need to raise money to purchase more filtration systems and support our selfless volunteers.

Ultimately, we can't do this without your help. Please consider supporting the  mission to help our fellow Americans in the Carolinas!

Semper Fidelis,

Ray Guasp

Ray Guasp and Pablo Soto heading into the storm bringing aid to New Bern, NC

Ray Guasp and Pablo Soto heading into the storm bringing aid to New Bern, NC