Veterans 4 Mission

The mission and moral imperative of Veterans 4, Inc. is to deliver timely and appropriate emergency services to disaster-stricken communities when and where necessary. Our two-pronged approach is to develop and implement proactive, locally-based preparedness systems; and to provide disaster response and relief to protect and preserve human life immediately after catastrophic events. Our goal is to initiate diversely skilled, nimble-minded, and technologically savvy solutions that anticipate and put in place infrastructures that enhance the abilities of communities to respond in real time; and to deliver and provide additional logistical and material support as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Veterans 4 is a nonprofit 501(c)3 disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization comprised of former military professionals and first responders who utilize their skills and expertise to rapidly mobilize and deploy in response to emergencies and disasters. Our primary mission is to provide immediate support and relief to people affected by disasters. We specialize in logistics, search and rescue, first aid, satellite communications, and mobility. A key piece of our operations is to provide communities with clean, purified water using a portable water filtration system designed for emergency and long term use. We also organize and distribute mass care commodities and supplies.

Veterans 4 can be ready at a moment’s notice and can be pre-deployed in times of natural or human-caused disasters. We unify the skills and experience of veterans, first responders, medical professionals, and innovative technologists. We strive to provide the highest standard of humanitarian impact and service possible, whenever and wherever we may be called upon to do so.