Its because of you...

Whelen Engineering

Whelen Engineering in Chester CT wanted to make a difference.  They stepped up, adopted a DIVVY system that was deployed in October and has been producing clean water to communities around Puerto Rico ever since...

Gary Cruikshank

Gary is the CEO and developer of the Aquamira, DIVVY system.  He has been so kind to partner with Veterans assisting us with shipping, planning and logistics.  Thanks alot man!  We see lots of clean water in our future!!

Row Cruikshank

She is a ROCK STAR!  Personally adopting 2 DIVVY units...that are pumping water in Puerto Rico...continuing the clean water tradition!

NPR/Jeff Cohen

Jeff, from National Public Radio, traveled with the team capturing the sights and sounds in the convoy of jeeps.  His, on-the ground reporting, helped to translate that unspoken feeling of excitement and anxiety as we went from town to town.  Thanks Jeff...great work!

WVIT Channel 30 Leslie Mayes

Leslie Mayes, reporter for Channel 30 in Hartford, CT, was kind enough to stop by Veterans 4 headquarters the night before we deployed to the island.  Her piece aired twice and helped to spread awareness of the situation on the island and how Connecticut residents could help.

Maritza Gonzalez Cintron Artista

We are so proud to share the continued and incredible work of my cousin Maritza González Cintrón Artista.She is a strong woman with a big heart and an incredible leader.  She continues to impress everyone time and time again as we plan and organize the efforts on the ground.

With her team of volunteers and Non Profit organization.  Please read her posts and watch the videos. You will be blown away by the “Agaua para todos “(water for everyone) event!I could not have been more blessed to have a partner like her to help us help Puerto Rico 🇵🇷!Please help me Support her and help her help the people on the island to obtain free clean water.Gracias Maritza !

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David Begnaud

David Begnaud, CBS reporter, has been the voice of Puerto Rico since the hurricane swept through the island.  He has championed the needs of the Boriqua people every day with his unrelenting passion and drive.  Thank you does not even begin to tell you how much your hard work is appreciated...

La Marea Ristorante - Old Saybrook, CT

Hard to find the words to express our thanks to the La Marea Family, Nino and Juliana Pianzio and their entire team.  They hosted a Fundraiser to benefit Veterans4, opening their restaurant and bar to friends, family and supporters of the Mission.  Funds raised during the evening will go to supporting the DIVVY units on the ground in Puerto Rico, which continue to produce clean water for an island in desperate need!